Project Ashphalt: Tomorrow's Use Of Ash MAG

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   Combustion of garbage and waste is an integral part of Long Island's municipal solid waste management strategy. However, this has one drawback: this combustion generates large quantities of residual ash. This byproduct presents unusual management and financial concerns.

Through research and interviews on this topic we have decided that a potential solution to ash management is to utilize this material as an environmentally safe substitute aggregate in road-grade asphalt, known as Ashphalt. By replacing natural aggregate with ash, the need for sand and gravel, which is becoming scarce on Long Island (NY), will be reduced.

In order to compare Ashphalt to normal asphalt we will conduct a series of experiments both in the laboratory and in the field. The experiment will be undertaken in three phases. The first phase will consist of bench-scale testing of raw bottom ash. The testing will be used to determine the physical and chemical characteristics of the ash. The second phase will consist of bench-scale testing of cylindrical Ashphalt plugs. These tests will examine the durability and environmental acceptability of the Ashphalt through simulated field conditions. The Ashphalt must meet the standards of normal grade asphalt. The third phase will be the testing of the

Ashphalt under actual field conditions and vehicular use. We plan to construct the test site in our school's parking lot. We have gained the necessary funding and Department of Environmental Conservation Research, Development and Demonstration permit, and plan to pave as soon as weather permits. The test site will consist of two sections. The control section will be paved with typical asphalt, and the other section with experimental Ashphalt. The site will be monitored to establish the performance of the material and gather date on potential adverse environmental conditions. u

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