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   I often smile when I think back to the time when I was younger and my sister, Megan, born just eighteen months after me, would do anything I asked. If I said jump, she'd ask how high. Now, things between us couldn't be more different. We are growing into two very different young women, but we'll always be sisters.

Tall with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes is an accurate description of me - and my sister. Everyone tells me we look exactly alike, and from behind me in the halls at school, I often hear "Megan!" but I never respond to my sister's name. People who didn't know I had a sister ask me, "Do you have a sister in this school? She looks exactly like you!"

As time passed, I lost my position as "the boss." My sister started becoming an individual instead of a miniature version of me. My mom wanted her to play the piano, like me, so she rebelled and plays the saxophone. I started playing sports, so she became more feminine and fashionable. I'm fairly outgoing, while she's quiet and shy. It sometimes hurts that she so vehemently attempts to be nothing like me, but I convince myself that she's trying to be her own person, not like her big sister, and that it's nothing personal against me.

Since we've become such different people, we've fought more than when I was in charge, but really we're closer. I trust Megan as much as I trust my best friend, and I can talk to her about anything. Most people I know don't like doing things with their siblings, and although I sometimes complain about it, I really don't mind hanging out with her. There have been times when I've felt like everyone was against me, but my sister always took my side. I have a myriad of memories of times when I was sick, and my sister brought me my homework and attempted to cheer me up, or when I had a fight with a best friend, and she stuck up for me, and assured me I was right and my friend was wrong.

Sure, my sister and I fight, and our relationship is anything but perfect, but I know we're always there for each other. There's no one that can come between us; I stopped hanging out with a girl once because she was nasty to my sister. Friends come and go, but sisters are forever.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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