my accident

March 9, 2009
By toni vail BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
toni vail BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
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Driving down a long narrow one-way road, all I could see was the purl white Lexis driving at high speeds in front of me. Fields covered the whole left side of the road and trees lined up like dominoes to the right. My heart pounded as a car passed from behind me. It was trying to take the lead even though we were at a constant 75 mph. By the time he got ahead of me the Lexis was far enough he didn't have to pass. I stayed at a constant 75 mph, knowing that this back road didn't have a speed limit. We approach a hill that was so big I was unable to see the downside of it. When I reached the top all I could see was cars lined up at a stop sign right below the hill waiting to turn on Old Scholls. The line ended right after the top of the hill. Right where I was headed. The car that just got ahead of me was going to fast to react quickly enough and rear-ended the purl Lexis going 85mph. Next was me, and it felt like I thought of ever possibility before reacting. Option one was doing exactly what the car in front of me did. Option two was going to the left of the road but all I could think about was the dip between the road and the field, which was big enough to flip my car. My last option was going into the opposite lane, which may end in a head on collision but that was my only chance to not end up dead. That's exactly what I did, I raced down the opposite lane going 75 mph and going down hill I got to about 85 mph before hitting the main road. I felt as if going down hill played in slow motion, as I looked both ways down the main road I was about to enter. I could see a biker and an old blue Honda to left and nothing to the right. My life

Vail 2
laid on the line as I approach that main road trying to slam on my brakes but nothing seemed to slow us down. I will never forget the biker I was seconds away from hitting. The Honda almost made it through, but instead I clipped the back right side spinning the Honda in a full 360 degrees. Even that wasn't enough to make us stop; now my car was completely out of my control. My car was like a bull stampeding through the traffic going 75 mph to zero head on with a tree. After hitting the Honda time went by so fast all I could remember was putting my arms in front of my face trying to avoid injuries. The impact busted out all the air bags, snapped all seatbelts in use, and turned the engine into steamy smoke. The cops arrived before I even step foot out of my car and my parents were right behind them. Treated as a criminal they arrested me and left my parents with such rage but thankful I was alive.
I will never forget that day, a memory that will torment me forever and keep me resistant from getting behind the wheel. Going back to that scene gives me the chills every time. Construction began a week after my accident; it was 1-15-09 when the new 175th road opened. They built a completely new road avoiding the hill and making sure others don't have to experience what I did.

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