Memories Of Bobby MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Remaining in the woods until dark, Bobby and I would construct impenetrable forts. We would spend hours surrounding our fort with booby traps and alarms to warn of an intruder. Perhaps our greatest failure was building a tree house, the ultimate fort. Bobby and I had collected large sheets of cardboard from the dumpster of a local hardware store, and nailed them to a tree. Realizing our fort was unsafe when the cardboard began to rip near the nails, Bobby and I decided to postpone our tree house until we could find stronger material or lose a few pounds.

Have you ever lost a friend like I've described? I did; and he affected my life in a more positive way than any other person. Bobby taught me the true meaning of nature by spending hours in the woods at the end of our block. Bobby discovered the intention of God to use nature to communicate with us. Bobby loved nature and, until his death, spent the majority of his time outdoors. Bobby taught me that through nature we could relax and release our anxieties and pressures. To this day I love to take walks when the pressures of teenage life build up.

Bobby also taught me the meaning of determination. During early fall, he and I would play our football games with neighborhood kids. On one occasion, Bobby intercepted a pass from my brother and, charging up the sidelines with a "no one can stop me" attitude, set his mind on entering the end zone. But between him and the end zone stood my older brother. Determined to reach his goal, Bobby lowered his shoulder and collided with my brother with such force that Bobby flew backwards and slammed into a tree. Thinking he was seriously hurt, my brother started to run for help, only to be pinned to the ground by Bobby. Bobby continued to play that afternoon, never complainong of a headache until dinner. That afternoon exemplified his determination, one I strive to equal each day of my life, but have not been able to match yet.

Bobby was always aware of the people around him and never failed to offer them some kind of a gift. Bobby loved to give, especially to those who needed it. His greatest gift was one of sight and life. After he passed away, his parents donated his eyes, lungs and heart to people he had never met. These three great gifts brought life to those strangers and I know that he would give to those strangers again and again.

Life is incredibly short and Bobby knew that early on and learned to make the best of his life. Bobby fulfilled his life, blessing every relative, friend, and acquaintance with a memory of his warm smile and the love he gave so freely. Bobby died knowing he transformed the lives of everyone he touched; therefore, I know Bobby died a happy person. c

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