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   J.E.T.S. Yes, that does say "jets," but does anyone know what it stands for? For most, it is an abbreviation with no particular definition, but to those who know, it is an extracurricular activity. J.E.T.S. - which stands for Junior Engineering Technical Society, is an after-school club that provides an opportunity to demonstrate and/or illustrate engineering ideas. As a member, I have enjoyed its many benefits.

Although it is thought of as educational, it can actually be quite fun. Through a variety of activities, J.E.T.S. members are given a combination of both. Using different engineering techniques, members make models of various things that represent the laws of physics. Sometimes, these models are entered into contests where the winner is greatly rewarded.

J.E.T.S. is also known for its exciting field trips which relate to the topic at hand, whether it is architecture, engineering or electrical engineering, and include visits to an amusement park or to the local science museum. Because of this, J.E.T.S. earns itself a "check plus" since it not only gives students a hands-on experience, but also makes it enjoyable.

One of the best things about J.E.T.S. is that there is always a myriad of guest speakers who are ready to speak about the fields associated with engineering. These speakers are almost always entertaining and usually provide a lot of useful information. This is another "plus" because students are able to learn more about engineering.

As you can see, there is a lot to J.E.T.S. Unfortunately, it is not available at every school (although now is a good chance to get one started). However, for those who are fortunate to have it, maybe it is time to CHECK IT OUT!!! u

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