Affirmative: Teen Employment

February 20, 2009
By sincerelyxmex7 BRONZE, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
sincerelyxmex7 BRONZE, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Teen employment can be taken in many different ways. It could be added as another responsibility for me, a way to get money, or just maybe to get to know the cute guy or girl that works there. I want to work for the right reasons is important because it will teach me a work ethic, how to work with other people, and being prepared for the real world as well as earning money.

It will give me preview for the real world, as I already stated. But however, there are some jobs that would only allow me to work on weekends. Mom, I know that having a work ethic is important to you. If I got a job, I'd learn that work ethic that's important to you. I'd get a job and only work weekends. I'd be giving up my time. That flexibility would let me focus on school, like you want, but I can also be earning money. I know this is a big step, but I really think I can do this. It's going to be a difficult transition, but I believe I can handle this. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. When I can drive, it'd teach me even more responsibility. I know that's another important thing to you.

I could get money, Mom and start saving up for college and when I'm an adult. I wouldn't be asking you for money anymore. That'd make it so much easier for you. Babysitting sometimes just doesn't cut it. It's a 'when-I-need-you' kind of thing. Having a job wouldn't be like that. I'd get money on a weekly basis, plus babysitting. That would mean more money to save up in my bank account. I'd also be working where you work, Mom. We could have the same hours when I work. It wouldn't inconvenience you at all.

I believe getting a job is important as a slight preview for the real world. Although the jobs are much more serious when you're an adult, having a job will make me understand what it's like so I don't go into shock when I get older and have never had a job before. Don't you think it's important that I know how to apply for a job? It's a common necessity. I'll understand team work, and having to work with people, which I don't understand much now. Mom, I promise you, I don't want to work for the wrong reasons, such as: getting to know a cute guy. I want to work to earn money. I think it's the best thing for me right now.

I believe teen employment can be an extremely good thing if it's used for the right reasons. If I'm working to get money, earn a work ethic, to simply understand what it's like to work with people, or even all of the above; isn't that a good enough reason for me to get a job, Mom?

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