Betsy Comes Back.

January 5, 2009
By beckylovesxx SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
beckylovesxx SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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I was So Excited. My very own kitten. I'd always wanted a kitten of my own, and now i was finally getting one. Excitement ran through me as i walked into Petsmart. It was hard to choose any one kitten. They were all adorable. I went to one cage, and my mom went to another. Looking, at the tag, and finding out the name of the kitty was way easy. Trying to pick it up without it clawing at me wasnt so easy.Her name was meme. I picked her up, and held her. After letting her down on the floor, to walk around, i could see that she was a trouble maker. She'd walk by all of the cages, clawing, and meowing. After walking by many times, my mother finally got one out. Her name was Betsy. The was honestly the cutest animal i'd EVER seen. With those big adorable eyes, and tiny body, i immediatly fell in love with her. After a week we finally brang her home. She'd hide under the table, waiting for us to walk by, so she could leap out. At night, i brought her up to my room. She had her own little bed, on top of my bed. I had a quilt with flowers on it. She'd chase the flowers, and roll around in my bed. I even taught her how to climb the stairs. One by one i'd hold her, while steering her carefully, and she'd try, and topple over the stairs. When she grew up a little, we let her stay on the porch. She LOVED it out there.With 3 of her own windows, and feeling free. Sometimes, the door would be left open, but she ALWAYS came back. Right back into loving care. When i cried, or just wanted to hold something, she was there. She was very mischevious at times. One time, everyone was around the table eating dinner, and she hopped up on the counter and ate. My father wasn't a huge fan of cats, so he never petted her, or held her. But still, she sat right by his side, always. Sometimes she bit, or scratched, or maybe she wasn't in the best mood. The old betsy ALWAYS came back. Still, she sits in the windowsill on the porch, sometimes leaving when the door opens, but ALWAYS coming back. I Love betsy, and i know that no matter what, she'll ALWAYS come back to me.

The author's comments:
I absolutely LOVE animals. Someday, i'd like to be a vet.

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