Truth of Freedom

December 18, 2008
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Welcome to your life, it is time to wake from your falsities. You’re in the tide of change. A change so great that even the sturdiest of ideals will wavier in its thundering wake. Shipwrecked and sundered, you lie upon the shore of renewal, relieved and distilled. Cleansed of your sins, and slate restored, you are now free of conformist bonds. Bonds that have shackled even the likes of poets and preachers, artists and thinkers, inventors and idealists. You are now free, as am I, in my own sheltered individuality, I too am free. Bonds no more, loosely gripped by the reality, yet plunged into the depths of endless possibilities.

Feel the rhythm of new thoughts pulsing. Feel the stretching of your legs, as you stand for the first time. Standing, whole and free, standing as one, each our own person.

Hear the laughter of children born from our freedoms, living like never before. In the wake of our troubles, before our salvation, we were merely shoved down by the proverbial “Man”. Shut up and sheltered in the “liberated” and “free-world” that shackled us, we broke away. Our eyes unblinded, ours ears unplugged, our mouth uncovered and our hearts unleashed.

Free to think, to live, to love. The change that has been thrust upon us is, and always will be, free. Fresh in its flowing perfection, simplicity so great that all who view it are entitled, and obligated, to feed it; a starving animal, hungry for ideas, and individuals to carry out the changes. How fed up it was with the torrential down pour of injustice from our “big brother” on Capitol Hill. Drowning in lies, force fed falsities, and gasping for the air of truth.

Governments around the world hold dear, an old and wicked concept. Fear: in the light of democracy, we were scared to disobey, to stand up for our god-given rights as human beings. As were set down by our country’s forefathers, all the freedoms proclaimed in the constitution, the right to make the world around us free. An unyielding uproar throughout history has surmounted to this: rebellion.

Freedom comes with a price. That price is the voice of all of you, which will echo across the world in unison, each voice telling stories of injustice and oppression. Let our voices ring throughout the ears of those “over bearers”.

Freedom will ring like the Sunday bells, crisp and right on time. A Zion will rise and consume our hearts with its honesty and redemption. Shout out with all your might.

“Let Freedom Ring!” As the great Martin Luther King had preached, join hands and voice and free-flowing souls in the song of truth.

“Freedom is ours! And no man, no army, no god in all the heavens can take that away from us. Freedom is ours!”

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