December 17, 2008
By Brenna Gates, Littleton, CO

Snow. I love snow. Snow is so much fun! I love when people put there Christmas lights up and the snow spreads an icy layer over everything and it makes everything look like it’s glowing. I also love when one second it’s bright and sunny and the next second snowflakes are pouring out of the sky. The snowstorm in 03’ was awesome! I was scared at first because it wouldn’t stop snowing. I thought that if it kept snowing like it was then soon Colorado would be buried under thousands of feet of snow! But until that happened I decided to have as much fun as possible. So I would jump off my roof into the snow over and over again until I almost passed out. Then all my friends came over and we went sledding down my hill on pieces of cardboard. It was so much fun. After we got all of our neighbors and we made 2 forts. Me and my friends had a huge snowball war against Meyer and his friends. We lost though. Once we were finished everyone was so tired so we walked across the street to my house and made huge steaming mugs of hot chocolate with giant marshmallows and whip cream and we all watched movies for hours while my mom and dad kept the fire going.

Another memory I remember from the 0’3 blizzard is when I got stuck in the snow. Me and my friend were trekking across the snow in my neighbors backyard trying not to get caught when all of a sudden my foot went through like 8 layers of snow. I was stuck. We sat there for 5 minutes thinking of some way to get me out. Finally, my friend decided to hop the fence back to my house and melt me out with hot water it worked but it took a while but after 30 minutes I was out.

The most recent snowstorm was pretty sweet too. That day we had just finished putting up our Christmas decorations and our tree was decorated perfectly. Every one was just hanging around the house when Danielle yelled, “It’s snowing!” Everybody rushed to the window and there was snow every where. It was so cool. After an hour the ground was covered in an inch of snow. Me and Danielle put these huge stupid scarves on and bright red Santa hats and ran down my street screaming and laughing at the tops of our lungs. It was fun until the snow stopped we slowly walked back inside and I’m still waiting for the next big snowstorm.

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