The Uppers Of Mainstream

December 14, 2008
By Emily Joyce, Richardson, TX

I was sitting at a diner a couple days ago drinking tea and eating a really bad piece of pie when I noticed this guy come in. He was early to mid 20s and he had a bowler hat on as well as a cane. First all I can think is *well he's a well shaven quirky sort of guy* then I thought with a laugh *he's a magician* and then I was like *wait he's come right out of old England and come straight through to this crappy little futuristic diner where they serve really bad pie*. Anyway all this is running through my head as I see him sit down at the counter and put his cane off to the side and fix his cufflinks. *It's like the guy came from the opera!* I notice I’m staring and look a different direction when I notice he notices I’m staring. Very awkward, but what else is there to stare at? Anyway next thing I know I hear him ask the waitress for his bill, and guess what? ENGLISH ACCENT. Tell me, am I just imagining this? Did this well dressed English guy that's pretty handsome just come in the crappy diner I was at? Well everything I know to be true starts turning on its head. This guy could be the one to disprove the theory that princes aren't real, that soul mates don’t exist! Suddenly I was flustered and I stared down at my tea. *True love* does it really exist? I watched him stand and put on his hat, and I once again felt the feeling of being pranked. Like I was in some stupid movie or another one of my dreams and I'd wake up any minute or have someone tell me it was all a joke. I watched him put his hand on the door and had the urge to yell out to him, to move to him and tell him to stay longer, or not leave. We connected eyes again as he opened the door and let in the cool air. The bell above the door jangled. He smiled at me and walked out. And that's how he left me, me a girl, a girl who's still wondering. Can you miss your one chance, see your one moment, find a connection, and lose it all in 15 minutes when it walks out the door?

The author's comments:
I want to see if anyone has had this moment, had this feeling, and what they think the answer to my question is. Life is a piece of artwork and how do you think we assemble the pieces? Or are we the ones that do?

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