How to Wash a Dog

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Man’s best friend, a dog, can leap and dash and have enjoyment with anyone. However, in order to have a dog in tip top shape, he needs a bath. In order to wash a dog, a few major steps need to be accomplished. Accomplishing these steps may not constitute as easy, but must happen in order to finish the process.
Supplies- Only a few supplies are needed to thoroughly wash a dog. First off, one must acquire either a soap bar or cheap shampoo. A person would use this soap to create bubbles on a dog after water sprays onto the dog from a hose or any other water supply. Finally one must have a leash or any other type of rope to tie a dog to a surface so he will not run away.
Soaping- Next, soaping stands as the hardest part of washing a dog. One would say this happens to constitute as difficult because the soap may flow down the dog into his eyes and feel uncomfortable. How would anyone feel if they had soap in their eyes? The soap burns, causing the dog to jump and make the process even more difficult. To soap a dog, first apply water and then squirt the soap onto the dog and rub it in. This will create a nice lather that will feel calming to the dog.
Rinsing- Now, the dog has a nice lather and is likes to take a bath. One would now spray the water onto the dog and help rinse the soap out of the dog’s fur. Make sure to rinse out all of the soap or the dog will develop dry skin in areas left with soap. In doing this step, do not spray water from a distance because the dog’s do not like having water shot at them. Put the nozzle up close to the dog’s skin and gently glide back and forth. This will ensure all of the soap disappears before your eyes.
Drying- The last step in washing a dog stands a drying the dog and making sure that coat gleams. After rinsing all the soap off, take a towel and quickly rustle the fur the cause excess water to drift out. Next, keep the dog chained up and move him to a sunny area where he can dry. Before the drying process completes, take a brush and comb the knots and tangles out of the dog’s fur. This will create a perfect bath for the dog and cause both the owner and animal to be ecstatic with joy.

The process will complete once the dog completely dries and starts to act crazy. At this point, take the rope or chain off of the dog and let him free. One could show off his or her dog on a walk to show other people how much care should be put into having a dog.

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