Rejected to Accepted

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

“So vote for me, and I’ll be your Lucky Charm! Thanks for listening- Cheerio!” I took a deep sigh of relief as I smiled and walked away from that podium. Nervously, I made my way back to my seat aside the six other candidates. Back in my chair, my body became weak. Hands sweating, body shaking, heart pounding so loudly I could barely hear the round of applause. My classmates’ cheers and claps were merely the background noise of my mind’s anxiety. After I waited on the stage, awkwardly looking out at my classmates for what seemed like an eternity, the teacher finally came out from the behind the curtain with a small piece of paper in her hands. The results were in. My heart raced even faster. “And the winner is…” not me. Little did I know, sitting up there on stage, that this was just the beginning of a long road of perseverance and determination.

Eighth grade. The first time I had put myself out on the line. What did I receive in return? Rejection. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Eighth grade meant a new school, new friends, new classes. Thus, I decided I would try new things that year. I’ve always loved working with a group and I considered myself to be pretty outgoing, so I thought to myself, “Just do it. Run for class president!”

I stood up there at that podium and presented my clever, but corny “cereal-themed” speech, which had taken me weeks and weeks to write. After I received the news that I had not won the election, my heart dropped. All that time and effort…down the drain. But wait! There are still Homeroom Representative and Board elections. I ran for both positions, gave another themed speech, and created another elaborate poster. Despite these efforts, I lost both elections. What a welcoming feeling to receive in my first few weeks of this new school. I took a risk three times and I was unwanted each time. My innocent little eighth grade heart was broken from this pure failure. I tried to hold back my tears and maintain a positive attitude in front of my new peers.

After a good, long cry at home with my mom, she gave me her motherly wisdom saying, “It wasn’t meant to be. It’s just not the right time.”

Four years later, she was exactly right. Now as a senior, I am the Student Council President. I can look back on my eighth grade dilemma and laugh. What seemed to be the biggest tragedy of my eighth grade life now is simply a stepping-stone to my success. Looking back on the event makes me realize something very important. Perseverance is the key to accomplishing any task. Nothing in life is ever just handed to you; you have to work hard to achieve your goals. I ran for Student Council all five years of my high school career. I won some and lost some. Essentially, you are almost guaranteed to face obstacles along your way; however, your determination will ultimately lead you to your goal. I know from experience that you cannot let the bumps in the road, no matter how big or small, make you quit.

I’m so thankful I did not let my early rejection ruin my dreams. I continued to put myself out there and take chances; and look where I am now, the highest student position in the school. Because of my persistence and determination to try again and again, I’ve grown from a rejected eighth grader to an accepted senior.

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