My dog Tasha

December 3, 2008
By Summer Fritz, Bloomingdale, MI

My dog Tasha is a border collie. She is a very loyal dog. Tasha is one of the best dogs our family has ever had.

We bought her from our 4-H dog leader. She was only two months when we bought her. Now she is almost two years old. Tasha is a rather small dog. She only weighs about thirty pounds, but that’s normal for a female border collie. She has brown-ish reddish hair, with white feet, a white tipped tail and a white stripe in the middle of her face.

Border collies are a part of the herding group. We have other animals, such as cows, goats and cats. Tasha always tried to herd them. One time, she even tried to herd my two-year-old cousin around! It was rather funny. Luckily when she does this, she doesn’t nip or play bite, she just jogs closely around the animal.

Tasha’s favorite thing to play with is a basketball. Someone kicks the ball and she goes chasing after it. She bunts it with her nose to push it farther. Or someone will bounce the ball high, and Tasha will jump up and bunt it with her nose to make it go higher.

When we’re done playing with the basketball, we ask her if she wants a bone. Then she gets all excited. When she’s excited or happy, she smiles. And she literally does smile. Tasha pushes up her top lip to show her teeth so it looks like she’s smiling. It’s really funny when she does it.

Tasha has been one of the most energetic dogs we have ever had. Once you start interacting with her, you won’t want to stop. That’s probably why she is such a great dog to have. I love her very much.

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