king kong

December 3, 2008
By kristal heredia, Fairfield, CT

I remember when I was four my family and I took a trip to Florida. My dad had bought tickets for us to spend the day at Universal. The skys were blue , as the sun beamed through patches of clouds. It was a very leisurly car drive, everyone was filled with excitement.
Once we got there my dad and brothers where able to get on every ride without a problem. Being that I was only four I couldnt get on most of the rides, I had a strong feeling of jealousy. But as the day went by we came across a ride called "King Kong" and it was sutable for me if I went on with my dad. My excitement level was unbearable I was completely filled with joy when I found out I was acually going to be going on a ride.
As we made our way on the tram that overlooked something that looked like New York I smiled with overwhelming joy. I was amazed as the ride went through "New York", but once I saw King Kong come out of no where my heart started to race with deep fear. That wasn't even the worst part, with my luck I sat in the seat where he put his hands under. My heart was beating so fast I though it was going to pop out of my chest. He then took the tram and shook it with his hands in a mannor that seemed he was not going to stop. By that moment I was histarically crying. "Daddy , Daddy tell him to stop," I screamed. "Kris, he's fake dont worry the ride is almost over," My dad exclaimed.
After the ride was over I was the only little girl crying her eyes out as we made our way to the exit. I was completely mortified. I was tramatised, believe it or not I still am to this day. Throughout the years after that happend I would believe that King Kong would come down my street and chase after me, and he would even turn up in my dreams. When the King Kong movie came out I had to be atleast eleven my parents made me go see it with them. I didnt want to see the movie after my expierience but they told me that im old enough to know that he's not real, so I gave it a shot. I failed. I was sobbing by the end of the movie, I couldnt even look at the screen when he came out. I know it sounds silly because im old enough to know fake from real but I just cannot out grow this deep fear of King Kong.
My fear kind of relates back to the story we read in english "The Wounds That Can't Be Stiched Up". I can't see any movie or let alone go on any ride that has a gorilla incorperated in it. That one moment gave me the biggest feeling of mortification. My parents still think it's silly that I havn't overcame my fear of this character but it wasn't them who got tramatised it was me. Just the thought of him sends chills down my spine and gives me goosebumps on my arms.
Maybe one day ill overcome this fear that has been a birden on me for nine years. Or maybe I wont but ill always know that this can be a conversation starter. I know that people would be interested in knowing my expierience with the one character. They can laugh although it would be a serious subject for me. They'll learn something new about me.

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