Struck with insanity

December 2, 2008
By vincent miller SILVER, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
vincent miller SILVER, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Am I cursed? Is my fate to suffer in life? I feel like my heart has been struck several times by lighting. Which left my body immobilized to the world’s greatest evils and casted my mind to hell to be trapped for all eternity? I never thought I would end up here.

Locked shut in this realm lies my undying soul. My inner spirit is caged like an ugly beast in the corner reaches of mental emotions. I ask myself what if love is not true. What if hate is all there is in life? What if money is nothing, but an attempt to purify your self from self hate? In this attempt to cleanse your self willing or unknowingly you are risky your life. To either total destruction of yourself or blinding yourself to the pure or impurities of the hidden, but acknowledged truth that is with in your body and soul.

From the saying of a wise elderly monk of the spiritual empire glaclastkein (Gla.k.last.T.N). He said to me that nothing is what it seems. Do not judge for one another because you may think that you are different, but we are all one in the same and we all have to share this earth. Listen to these words and realize the truth, pure is impure, impure is pure, good is bad, and bad equals good, hatred is love, thus love becomes hate, and even a deadly sin can become a heavenly virtue. Although I didn’t really understand his seemingly wise words of wisdom.

He sounded like he knew what he was talking about and had convinced me so well that I spent my life trying to decipher his saying. Find out some truths to life and hopefully better my life in this progress of opportunity. In the present time asking these questions, searching for life has caused me to fall apart. I turn from a prominent young student to a trashy junky. Then from a junky to a jail bird. Then with in this cell wasting my life. I find myself discovering I have been looking for since that faithful day.

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