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   Shadow: vb. To follow and watch closely: trail.

Every person has a shadow, whether they want one or not, and on Wednesday, November 20, 1996, Dr. Zamostein had two. He had the normal one everyone has one caused by light and a second - me - an aspiring obstetrician/gynecologist. My high school sponsors a shadow program, where seniors visit a place of business and "shadow" a career they are interested in pursuing. So, I took a trip to Crozer Chester Medical Center.

When I arrived at the local hospital I was handed over to a third-year medical student from Hahnemann University - Kim. She gave me an informative tour of the obstetrics wing. After the tour she handed me a pair of scrubs, a blue shower cap, and a face mask. We were off to the operating room. "This is where you make it or break it," Kim said. Which means either you vomit or enjoy watching people get cut open. We met Dr. Zamostein outside the operating room, he explained the surgery to me, and the next thing I knew I was part of the action. I was about two feet away from a lady who was getting a bi-lateral tubligation or, as the doctors would say, a B.L.T. Everything was done through a video camera in her naval, and when the operation was over the woman received only four stitches. When we left the operating room, I thanked Dr. Zamostein who invited me back.

My trip to the hospital was memorable and I can't wait to go back. I would like to see a baby being born by Caesarean section. The Shadow Program at Chichester High School is very successful. It helped me get to know a little more about my future career. I now know I have the stamina for it.

More students should participate in Shadow Programs because then when they get to college, they will have a better idea what they want to major in, and have more self-confidence in their future goals. u

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