Best Dog in the World

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The day I got my dog I knew should be the one perfect in every way but as she cowered behind the cage. Wondering when someone would come to take her away longing for a home looking sad caged up with another dog. We pulled her out of the cage to take her away a smile spread on her face when she knew she was going to have a home and leave that caged up place.
My dog Tucker is the best dog in the world, she runs she plays and seems so excited when you walk through the door. Kicking her leg back and forth when you pet her golden her fir so soft that you almost want to use her as a pillow at night. Brown eyes and bushy tail sharp teeth that look like they’d tare right through a cat legs stronger than bear’s Protective as a watch guard guarding the base at night, her tongue black and purple ears that could here a mile away nose that can smell better than any guard dog a.
My dog Tucker likes to watch over are home like a time when my brother pulled up in his car to say hi. She clenched her teeth and arched her back and watched every move he maid barking and growling every step he took forward on the concrete steps up till my blue house barked loudly as he defended here owners finally as she remembered who it was she calmed down and let him pass. Then that time I was walking Tucker in my neighborhood another dog with white and brown hair came at me to get me I was so scared my heart was racing adrenaline pumping I was going to brace myself for the dog’s attack but before I knew it Tucker was there to help me. She barked she growled she showed her razor teeth I was rally scared and thought the dog was going to get me but Tucker watched carefully and finally the dog walked away.
But sadly my dog is not quite the way she used to be her bones are wearing down her golden fir is starting to turn grayish. She is still excited to see you walk through the door but she still is sad missing her former owner and at how old she is and how she can’t do some of the thing’s she use to be able to do missing that time so much she wish she could go back. But to me she is still the greatest dog in the world I may miss the old Tucker but I like her as my pet no matter what.
When she dies no dog will ever be able to replace her in fact if she dies I won’t want another dog. To me and my family she is basically part of our family and I will miss everything about her.

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