Where I'm from

December 1, 2008
I’m From…
I’m from satin pillowcases and soft blankets,
From new computers and telephones and many loaves of bread.
I’m from hopscotch, yellow slides and old swing sets
And places where I have bumped my head.
I’m from home-made mud pies with berries on top
From witch’s potions with “eye of newt” and evil gumdrops.
I’m from sprinklers and riding around on scooters,
From Green Acres Country Club and from being a ‘Biker Babe’.
I’m from swimming pools, fresh cut grass, and old swing tires,
From sweet Hibiscuses from Hawaii, and sidewalks that have just been paved.
I’m from blue eyes and sensitive souls and hearts as warm as fire,
From goofy Christine, loveable Mikey, and ever so crazy Dave.
I’m from driving around listening to Shania Twain,
I’m from listening to so much country music that I almost went insane.
I’m from security and laughter
From not- always-happy ever-afters.
I’m from Stealing Santa and dance-offs and random sing-alongs.
I’m from moments of truth that sometimes had too much clarity,
From burnt food that always caused hilarity.
I’m from “go-clean-your-room”s, “bread dance!” and “easy-peezy-lemon-squeezey”s
I’m from delicious shepherd’s pie, sweet strawberry shortcake.
From food that could sometimes make me feel a little queasy.
I’m from the best desserts and amazing soups,
I’m from eccentricities that make me want to “fly the coup”.
I’m from used books and hand-me downs
I’m from scrapbooks, and birthday cards, and old digital cameras.
I’m from a Nike shoebox exploding with photos,
I’m from memories forever embedded in my mind,
From treasured memories that are one of a kind.

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