The Dog

December 1, 2008
By Tanner Sytsma, Everson, WA


When I was in 4th grade (2002) I was at my grandmas’ house playing in the warm, silky, green grass. The sun was just beating down on me. I was running in the grass when all of a sudden my friend/grandmas neighbor came over and we threw a football back and forth to each other.
I went to his house and we ate a little something. I told him, “We should go out to your tree house in your back yard.” We went out to his back yard. As I was walking back to the tree house, his dog came running up to me and scratched my shoulder (his dog was a 120 pound rot wilier). I climbed up the tree house ladder as fast as I could. Once I was up there we all talked and I said to the kid, “Go lock your dog in your house because he scratched my shoulder and I don’t want anything else happening.” he told me that he didn’t feel like it. I told him to keep the dog away from me if he wasn’t going to lock the dog up. He told me that he would keep his dog away from me so I believed him. I would never have thought that he was that bad of a friend and would go against his word and let his dog attack me, but he did. He was a bad friend because as soon as my feet hit the ground the dog started to come closer to me and I started to panic. As soon as the dog started growling at me, I ran for the fence as fast as I could but I guess that wasn’t fast enough because as soon as I started to run that vicious dog bit me two times. When that dog bit me it felt like someone setting a mouse trap on my butt. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do, so I ran back for the tree house and climbed that ladder so fast I didn’t know what happened. As soon as I got up into that tree house I started screaming so loud for my grandpa to hear me and to come running up and carry me home. When I was screaming all of the kids there started to laugh because they thought I was a wimp. When I saw them laughing at me I knew that they were not good friends. As soon as my grandpa heard me, he came running up to the tree house grabbed me and ran me back to the house.
As soon as I got to the house my aunt (that used to be a nurse) checked it out and said that I should go to the doctors. At that time I was so nervous because they didn’t know when the dog last had his rabies shots.
When I got to the doctors I was so cold and shaky and I was also very nervous. Waiting in the waiting room was so agonizing and I felt like a rubber pencil because I was weak and scared. In the doctors office they checked me out and saw the damage. It was really embarrassing because they had to look at my butt. After the saw the damage they gave me a tetanus shot. After they gave me the shot I got dizzy. The lady gave me animal crackers so I wouldn’t faint. I was so glad to have it all done and over with so I could just relax at home and think about only sleep and rest. Ever since then I have been skittish about dogs and it was really hard even to trust my own dog. I still think of that moment everyday and it always gives me the chills. So remember if a dog is nice on the other side of the fence they won’t be that way on the same side.

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