Animal Abuse Is Bad

November 13, 2008
Animal abuse is bad because it can hurt you and your animal. So many animals are being hurt or killed because of their owners. The reason why is because the animal has been bad and the owners beat them but some people take it way too far. If you see a dog,cat,or any kind of animal being abused you should do something about it and those people who do something will help put the bad people in jail and the animals that were lucky in a new home. It hurts the animals. Its really wrong. And it should be against the law to abuse the animals.

A veterinarian named Michael Podell has been testing on cats that he infected with HIV and gave them meth amphetamines. He is doing it to see if HIV has an effect on humans and other animals. Then he cuts into their brain tissue to see the response and then kills them and dissects them Its bad for your health, it hurts them,and they can die. Some people didnt like what he was doing and sent him threats that they were going to kill him by putting HIV into him and cutting open his head and take tissue samples. Then they would kill and dissect him just like he did to the cats. Michael Podell quit being a veterinarian and left New York and went too Vermont. That goes to show you that how much people care about animals.

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