School Board

January 12, 2009
By Ashley Loroff, Hartland, WI

Dear School Board:

I go to a private school and we have to wear uniforms everyday and everyone hates it. In our senior class there is a paucity of girls. The boys are rebellious against the dress code. They always dress down, where the girls listen to the rules. The boys break the rules with out impunity. There are too many boys in the school for the principal to punish everyone. The girls decided they wanted to rebel too.
It was homecoming week and on the last day of the week it’s tradition that the seniors do gangster affiliation day. The duplicity of the boys telling us to dress up made us want to do it. Margret the stuck up snob of our group said, “You shouldn’t dress up, it could be pernicious to your permanent record.” We didn’t care what she said.
Friday night we all met at my house to construe our plans and come up with our costumes. When we should up at school the next morning the principal was furious. He started yelling at us in an acrimonious tone. He gave us all Saturday detentions and we were suspended that day from school. When we arrived on Saturday the principal sat us down and he asks us who’s idea was it to dress up for gangster affiliation day. No body wanted to tell the truth. The principal said, “I wish someone would elicit the truth about who did it.”
Then walks in Margaret and she tells the principal it was here idea that they dress up. The principal was not going to tolerate this anymore and he kicked Margaret out of school. When Margaret went home she explained to her mother, “I have made an egregious mistake and I hope you can forgive me.” Mom was distraught over what her daughter had said and kicked her out of the house. Margaret went to live with her Grandma in Milwaukee and she went to another private school. She had learned her lesson and is never going to dress down again.


Ashley L

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