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   Some futurists believe that in a few years, computers will be used instead of schools. Students will stay at home and use programs on a computer instead of going to school. I don't think this is a very good idea.

Computers cost a lot of money, and people already complain that taxes are too high. Even though we wouldn't need to pay for buildings, supplies, or teachers' salaries, it would still be very expensive. Having school at home would hurt many teachers, principals, guidance councilors, librarians, janitors, and other people because they would lose their jobs.

Imagine sitting in front of a computer at home for six hours each day. Who would watch you and make sure you finish your assignments? Who would help you with problems with the computers or the work? In most families both parents work, so they wouldn't be there to help. Younger children would need constant supervision, so each household would need its own caregiver.

If you choose to say the best thing about school, you would probably say your friends. If instead of going to school, you worked on a computer at home, you wouldn't be able to make friends or hang out with them. You wouldn't have the good social skills for a job. If you had school at home, then there probably wouldn't be any clubs to join (like band, chorus, art, drama, or sports). These clubs also teach you to get along with others, and are a lot of fun.

Computers don't have hands-on activities that can really help you learn. For instance, if you had a science project on simple machines, wouldn't it be easier to learn about pulleys, wheels and axles, wedges, levers, and screws by actually using them, rather than just seeing them on a computer? And, how would you be able to have cooking class, folk art, gym, child care class, or photography class?

I think that computers are really great, and they can teach you a lot, but I don't think they should replace schools, instead they should be used in schools. u

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