Frozen Water Discovered On Lunar Landscape MAG

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   To add to the list of recent discoveries in space, frozen water has now been possibly discovered on the moon's southern pole in one of its craters. The lunar probe, Clementine, discovered this possible ice utilizing the latest radar technology. This frozen water is believed to have been introduced to the lunar surface by colliding comets billions of years ago. This large frozen "lake"is believed to be 10 to 100 feet deep in a roughly seven-and-a-half feet deep crater. This crater is always in shadow, and keeps a surface temperature of about -380 degrees fahrenheight which would be a suitable condition for this supposed frozen water.

To confirm this, a probe will be launched next October to provide more evidence. If proven true, then there will be many exciting opportunities in future lunar research and exploration. With the presence of water, a permanent moon base could be established since water is one of the key components needed for survival. The water would be used for drinking, fuel, growing food, as well as other things. This water would also save money because it is very expensive to transport water to the moon if a lunar base ever were built.

These are indeed exciting times in this age of space exploration. All these recent major discoveries have led us on a path to the end of our solar system and beyond. u

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