February 25, 2009
Samurai Quiz-
Test your knowledge of these great Japanese warriors

Circle the answers you think are right, then check them with the rubric.
Multiple Choice
1.) The samurai used:

A. bows
B. guns
C. spears D. swords E. All of these
2.) The samurai were supposed to live their lives according to the ethic code of:

A. the bible
B. bushido
C. Muhammad

D. any religion they chose
3.) The first samurai were hired by:

A. powerful land owners
B. bureaucrats
C. shoguns
D. peasants
4.) According to the Edo Period's official hierarchy of castes, the ________
Were at the top.

A. samurai
B. farmers
C. merchants
D. aristocrats
5.) The end of the samurai class came in the year:

A. 1795
B. 1839
C. 1868
D. 1903

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