February 25, 2009
By Mariah DeMarco BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Mariah DeMarco BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Spooky Island Quiz
1. What causes the Gang break up?
2. What twp mambers of the gang stay together and keep the mystery machine.
3. Which member in the gang was arguing with the airport people?
4. What was Scooby's dressed as in the airport and on the plane?
5. One of the members met someone on the plane which member was it?
6. Who was the bad guy all along in the movie at spooky island?
7. Which two members kiss at the end of the movie?
8. What made the gobblins go away?
9. At the end of the movie they ask Fred how did he stop the evil gobblins and he let another member of the gang tell the story what member?
10. What is the name if the Van?

1. Fred would always take control with fans asking what happend and how did you stop it fred.
2. Scooby and Shaggy.
3. Velma.
4. Shaggy's Grandma.
5. Shaggy.
6. Scrappy-Doo.
7. Velma and Fred.
8. Sunlight.
9. Daphine.
10. The Mystery Machine

The author's comments:
If you know anymore questions and answer please contact me.

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