Life Is Hard, But We'll Handle It

November 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Life is hard. Stuff in life starts to happen when you're a teenager. Stuff like friends telling you that drinking stuff like beer is okay when it's not, dealing with stuff you cannot let go. All that happens, all that stuff happened to me.
When i was younger i thought smoking was okay, but it's not, and when i figured that out, i was glad my parents told me about that. But there is such more stuff that you'll want to do when you become older in teenage life. Like having sex or drinking behind your parents back. That's all pressuring on you. Don't feel bad if it does, cause that happens to all teens.
But, the reason im writing this today, is because i don't want any other teens life like mine. Life where your mom or dad smokes pot and not telling you, your mom or dad huffing. That all happened to me. That really bothered me, then i thought, im not the parent, he or she is. They will come around to handle it and think about me or my sisters. But, as she did hide more and more away from me, i worried about her.
One day, after i got home from school, one of my parents started huffing and i didn't know. His or her eyes were rolling all around, then she fell to the ground and held her stomach, so i had to call the police. I know, that was a good idea, but then i wondered, was that good? It obviously was cause everyone was glad i tried to help my parent.
It was stuck in my head for a while, then i remembered that i could journal about it. Which i did, and it helped, whatever was bothering me got out of my mind and i hope one teenager does the same. I say that because you don't want everything bottled up in your head do you? I want to forget about my past, but it's stuck. Just try to journal about how you feel and i hope that it'll work.
Never think drinking, smoking or huffing or any substances is okay. If you have any addictions or know anyone that is addicted, tell someone, don't keep it up in your head like i did.

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