The Flash MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   As I step out the door into the black void, two small round lights shine giving off a small electric glow. I look out and suddenly see a smear of yellow fly in front of my face, and it's gone as fast as it came. I'm dumbfounded. What was that? My brain spins, wondering.

I step out away from the iridescent glow of the lights into the black. I stand in the drape of darkness, listening and wondering why I have come to my backyard. I guess it's just because of the relaxing mood of the night. Out here I can escape the craziness of the day. Usually, this is where I find my peace.

Tonight is more tense and strange. I step out and splash into a puddle of icy cold water formed earlier by a slight rainstorm. I look down and see the reflection of the dull moon in the water. I'm hypnotized by its faint glare. I feel the water soaking through my sneakers and realize I have been standing here for a few minutes.

I must move. I reach my arms out into the darkness so I don't bump into things, but skin my knuckles on the rough trunk of the old apple tree that has been there since before the town. I lean against its thick lower branches and squint across the yard, but can't see anything. The only light is from the now-clouded moon and stars. It is so quiet I can hear the mist falling and collecting on the blades of grass.

The lights from the house flicker on and off for a few seconds and burn out. I feel my peace being transformed into something unknown. I am staring out into nothingness when suddenly something slides across my leg and I jump. Startled, I reach down to feel my leg. It is wet and muddy. But whatever it was, it is nowhere to be seen.

In the background I can hear a slight panting, getting louder. Getting closer. I freeze. I can't move and it's so cold my lips are blue. I am shaking with nervousness. Thud!! Two long objects hit me in the chest, knocking me to the ground, straight on my back. The ground is wet and freezing cold. There is something heavy on my chest. I can barely breathe.

Suddenly, my face is slathered with a warm, wet slobber. It is at that point I realize it is my yellow Lab, Cally, making fun of my inability to see in the dark. My fear has vanished, and I see my dog's smiling face. She is delighted to have conquered me and gives me one last lick to show me she is the ruler. No hard feelings. She lifts her long legs off my chest and runs to the door, panting with exuberance, waiting to be let back inside. We enter into the warm house and collapse in laughter.c

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i love this so much!


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