The Trip

October 30, 2008
I was going on a river trip with some friends and family. The river was the Colorado, so we drove down to southern Utah. It was a seven-day trip.

On the fourth day, there were some pretty good rapids. We went through one and hit this huge, muddy wave. It was bigger then our boat! It hit me right in the face, and I flew out of the boat into the cold water. This happened while all the people in all the other boats were watching and laughing at me.

What made it even worse than that is that I couldn't get back in the boat! I didn't get hurt, but I was stuck in the water. I spent the next hour trying to get back in while the people laughed. I finally got back in but then slipped back out. I did finally get back in for good, but I was soaking wet and very cold.

When we got to camp, I felt so wet that I rolled around in the sand, trying to get dry. That didn't work, so I spent the rest of the night all muddy! Man, I felt soooo stupid!

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