my endless fall

October 30, 2008
By Anonymous

I was a new snowboarder and I was getting very (if not too) bold. I was only good at going off about 2-3 foot tall jumps, but this jump I did was about 10 feet tall. The worst thing I ever did.
Let's rewind. I was a novice boarder and I had been boarding for about two years (in other words, not very much). I was getting too bold and was doing some dumb things. I had pulled off the things before and was also too positive. I was going down the hill and I was about to go off the jump.
I was going down the hill and just as I was about to go off the jump, a hard clump of snow knocked me down and I flew off the jump on my butt. I was flying through the air while I flailed my arms and was waiting for the pain to shoot through my back. I impacted the ground and had the air knocked out of me and I landed right next to my spine.
This was one of my worst ideas ever. One thing you should never do is overestimate your abilities. Hope I gave you a valuable lesson.

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