The Great Move

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

'But, Mom!!! I don't want to move! I'm perfectly fine right here!!' I screamed. There was no point in moving to America. My life pretty much sucked right now.

'No buts. Your father's company was transferred to America, so we're all moving there. Go get your bag.'

I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I ran upstairs. I saw my carry-on for the plane, and I crumpled to the floor. I really hoped for this to be a big prank or some type of reality show. Of course, I knew that this was really happening. I slung my bag onto my shoulder, and I slowly stumbled into the taxi waiting for us.

We got to the airport just in time as the flight attendants asked all passengers going onto Flight 264 to please proceed to the waiting area. I lost control of myself and started screaming. I saw people staring at me, but I couldn't stop. I finally stopped shrieking when we got to the waiting area but only because my throat started hurting.

As we boarded the plane, I felt myself getting more and more tired. We had to wake up early to finish packing, and I couldn't sleep well anyway. When we reached our seat, I slowly fell into a deep slumber. When I woke up, the plane was just landing at O'Hare Airport. I stretched on the seat, not quite remembering why I was so depressed. We slowly landed on the airfield, and we walked into the airfield.

Oh. My. GOD. The airport was huge. I was mesmerized at the white walls and the neatly polished floor. I peered out one of the windows, and I just stared. The bright morning sun was out, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

I slowly walked out the double doors as my dad went to grab our baggage. I ran to the many flags that stood proudly outside the airport. I stood by my flag- the Japanese flag, the one with the glowing sun in the middle. I sat down next to it and closed my eyes. "I am nothing but a shadow. No one can see me. I am invisible. When I run, I am the wind. When I cry, I am the rain. When I'm sad, I am the dark cloud that drifts over the Earth. I am the Earth." I slowly opened my eyes. I was still myself, an average, Japanese, five year old. I was still Kasumi Nagasawa. I sighed and ran back to my mom. Today was going to be a long day.

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