'Timeline of a Gypsy Child'

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

'Timeline of a Gypsy Child'

Chapter 1

Born into a shielded life with Mommy always there at her side, this gypsy child was pretty spoiled rotten. She was the only child and was loaded with all sorts of toys, movies, clothes, stuffed animals, basically you name it she had it or wanted it. The child became accustomed to everything going her way turning into a brat, still is to this day. Even by her education starting off in a private school she was treated like a little princess. Her school attended was named 'Wood side West', probably for the field trips in the woods and creeks. The child had mentioned it was a blast, telling me of field trips to the local creeks for clean-ups! She explained the teacher would take the kiddies out and make the clean-up a game by stating whoever found the most unique item would win. Later, throwing the garbage away to help keep the diminutive wildlife area safer for the creatures and citizens whom walked for exercise and/or just to absorb the beauty of it all. The private school looked as every other elementary school with a huge recess area! There where swings, play sets, and huge tractor tires to crawl in. The child remembered she used to love the large rocket ship jungle gym. Also another memory was her first time losing a tooth in a strawberry at lunch how she remained calm and everyone freaked out because of the small blood and strawberry juice.
While her mother was working at the local grocery store, which was almost every night, the child would usually be watched over by her Nana

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