Aurum This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   In the darkest of nights, with fires burning

And desire flashing,

I shine brighter than the polished steel of

An Emperor's Sword.

Yellow gleaming God am I.

When turning in the muck of morality,

You can turn and glance beside your


And there shall I be.

In this quest for chalices which contain


I am the sole object of his lust and


When Aeneas sought wealth and power,

You must play watcher to him,

And look deep into the rivers.

Beneath amber and azure colored waves,

Which crown both the sky and the forge,

I lie in waiting.

For countless centuries, and hundreds of

Nights, I have remained submerged,

Entombed, forgotten ... yet still the

Desire of all I know.

Decadence is my brother, and

Avarice my son.

Forgetting them now and for a day is

The only remaining


When the sun's white light arrives upon

My flesh,

I gleam and radiate corruption,

And torment, and torture,

And greed.

I am so easily beaten and punished,

Vulcan's Hammer can render my flesh

To shaping.

So, go and join the expedition, bounce

Low for your mother and father.

I see you love me more than

They ...

I am so proud of your loyalty.

So, yoke your endurance and march to

My palace; this lode which all

Seek and lust for.

Can the fires of Hell burn my flesh?

When they do, and Lucifer loves me

More than Man,

My flesh pours in the grail you hold

Before my eyes.

In splendor and in radiance,

I have caused the death of so


Upon fortress and castle and trench

And Domain,

I am the One that he calls love.

No mortal can ever love again,

When he has cast me into his


I have found Dawson, and the

Yukon is mine.

The south of the Dark Continent I

Have made my slave eternal.

Mayan Gods and Aztec sacrifices,

Once great after Caesar and before

The lust of Spain,

I have trampled and dazed with my


Glorious Rome, so dignified and full of

Hate ...

The walls of a city such as this I have


Why live your life for eating,

When your soul hungers for me?

No longer do you need your God,

For my life is longer

Than His.

So, cast away the stones, lift

Me high and mighty above your head,

And have faith in my living words.

Note: Au (aurum) is the symbol for gold on the periodic table of elements.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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