October 21, 2008
By Coralynn DaCunha BRONZE, Burlington, Other
Coralynn DaCunha BRONZE, Burlington, Other
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Kifi was orange and fairly skinny. He had perfectly round eyes that were a brilliant greeny yellow, he was our cat. Kifi was the kind of cat that you had no choice but to love. Sure he would puke here and there and would occasionally whine even though there was no reason, but that made him, him. I remember sharing my drinks with him even though my mom protested and reminded me of what he eats but I still did it. He was fairly old when he started to get skinny and sick. He would eat a bunch and not realize it and puke excessivly but we thought nothing of it until the day he had his first seizure. After calling the vet Kifi was put on medication and by the next week things got worse. It was the day I went to school and everything felt weird that I knew what was going to be awaiting me when I got home. By the time I had reached my drive way I noticed two cars instead of none and as I walked inside I knew Kifi was gone. He lived a good life and I have to admit event though sometimes he bugged me a lot he was still my meow-wows and I'll never forget him. Kifi was my meow-wows, my brothers orange, and so many other nicknames that had built up in his lifetime. Even though the pictures we have of him will fade and we eventually move on we will never forget the look in his eyes when he would purr because of all of the love and that's when I knew he was one happy cat! IN LOVING MEMORY OF KIFI <3 We'll never forget

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