Dear Friends

October 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Friends,

You probably already know what this letter is going to be about but I need to tell you anyway. I don’t want to say this because I know that as soon as the words come out of my mouth I’m going to cry until I just can’t stop. I’m moving. Definitely soon, next week maybe, and I won’t be coming back.

I wish I could say I’ll visit but it isn’t likely that I will be able to. I know that you’ll probably stay here to so I just want you to know that I’ll keep in touch and I don’t want either of us to forget each other. You have my phone number, and e-mail, which you know I hardly ever, respond to. I can only text because it will be long distance to call but if you’re really sad or freaking out don’t hesitate to call. We’ll be in different time zones so remember: DON’T CALL ME AFTER 7 PM! Or I’ll get my phone TAKEN AWAY. Only it will merely be a few hours after school for you.

I don’t want to be sad but I know I can’t avoid it. Don’t forget ANYTHING. Whether it’s me calling you a name or both of us just being so silly, I want you to remember it all. Remember how we met, whether its you who I met in the library, you I sat next to, or you that…I argued with for years then somehow liked. I want you to remember every moment because every moment is something important in my life that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

When you see this letter I don’t want you to get all gushy-mushy on me I want you to save it for the last day that I’m here. I don’t want to cry because I want to be happy when I leave you. If you read up until here I’m glad and give me a hug, if you didn’t then I’m also glad because I knew that some of you would probably do that. Well I love you, in a FRIEND WAY stupid! I’ll miss you and talk to you as soon they say I can turn my cell phone on in the plane. Don’t forget me cause I surely won’t forget you.

Your Friend

PS: I’ll REALLY miss you.

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