Life Changing

October 20, 2008
By brandi rowland, Teague, TX

I sit here writing this sad story about a teenage girl and her pain after losing her father from a drunk driver. The teenage girl is sixteen years old. She lives in a small town with her mom and half brother. She’s works a town away at Jack in the Box. She’s just your average teenage girl, but what makes her different from the rest is that she has passion in helping kids who have been abused and making a different in someone’s life. She has this empty space in her heart that she lost when she was about two years old. This space was once taken by her dad’s warmth and loving care but the day she lost her dad she also lost a part of herself. She lost for dad February 22, 1994 early in the morning. The accident happened February 21, 1994. Her dad was on the way home from work when he was hit on the driver side by a drunk driver. When the ambulance got there the drunk driver was already died. But her dad was still alive, barely. The ambulance people had to cut out his steering wheel in order to get him out. They rushed him to the hospital where is friends and family stayed by his side and prayed that he would make it through this, but unfortunately were not all that lucky, he passed away early that next morning. Every one’s life changed after the accident. No one was the same. The family just kind of went their separate ways. Years later when that little girl was about eight her granny told her that sad story no child should here, the story of what happened to her dad. Before that she always wonder why she was the only one in her second grade class that didn’t have a mom AND a dad. She cried her sleep to that night. After that night she was not the same either. So many thoughts ran through that little girl’s mind. She hated the thought of alcohol. She wanted to turn back time and change what happen but no matter how hard she tried it just didn’t seem to work and she couldn’t understand why. After that every year on her birthday when she went to blow out the candles the she wished for the same thing every time, for her dad to come home. Eight years after finding out the truth she still has problems with facing the truth and probably always will. She hates the thought that she has gone pretty much her whole entire life without her dad. Every year on February 22, her heart feels like it becomes a little weaker not because she’s sick cause she’s not but because the pain grows stronger every year. She feels like she’s all alone and that no one knows what she’s going through. Her dad means the world to her! Some times when her life is all messed up and thing aren’t going right she thinks of him she wishes that he was still alive so she could go to him for help when she can’t go to anyone else. She lives her life with so much pain bottled up in side of her that sometimes she thinks it’s taking over her life. At times she cries out to her dad because she’s so lost and don’t know what to do. She hates living without him. She hates the fact that an innocent man lost is life because of another guy’s action. It’s not right and it’s not fair! He left behind three little kids. It wasn’t his fault so why should he and his family go through the pain and heart ache. It shouldn’t have been his time to go. Nobody deserves to die that way it’s just not right. She doesn’t want to keep his story a secret she wants to get out there and tell everyone about the pain that she’s been through the last fourteen years of her life. She hopes that one day someone with a alcohol problem will read about the pain that it causes and decides to get help for their problem. Her goal in life is to change at least one person’s life with his story.


That teenage girl

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