Berol Eagle Usa Hb 2 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   It rests gently on top of my desk awaiting its next use. A writing implement consisting of a thin stick of graphite encased in wood. An outlet for emotions and true expression of what lies locked in the depths of one's mind, a pencil. Through the course of the creative process, this unthought of, unimportant object becomes of the greatest meaning, as it provides the bridge between my mind and the world around.

I sit pondering my newest piece of artwork, looking toward the wooden object. I revel in a pool of ideas and as each thought swims about my mind, I slowly lift the object. I apply the smooth, soft graphite to the paper, and a surge of thought rushes from my inner consciousness, racing down my arm, translating into movement and strokes, creating lines and tones, destroying the whiteness of the paper. Energy builds through my body as I stop to reflect on the work thus far. The force multiplying within, directing itself toward my hand, awaiting the next moment that the gateway will open. This insurmountable force pounding at the gates, begging, pleading, demanding that I unleash its power. I slowly place the dulled point to the paper, watching as the uncontrollable, cascading force is unleashed. As I continue, the realization occurs that I have the power to create and, within this tool, lies that power. Built-up thoughts without an outlet are provided with a bridge, and I work, thinking through spacial concepts, line qualities, and other artistic dilemmas. The work completed, I have broken through the barrier between my mind and the physical world in which thought or emotion can be communicated. The creative energy has given me the power, and the pencil has provided the crossover.

At an early age I sought a nonverbal form of communication. I would not have been able to reason with the world without this graphite-centered object, and none of this would be possible, none of the images through the years would exist. Through time it, in different lengths, forms, and sizes, has been a part of my life, always pushing the towering gates of expression wide open. c

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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