When Mom's Gone

October 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Hey!!! my name's -----. Call me Aznin a.k.a. Az and i am an emo punk... fond of poetry n stuff and i luv videogames! anyways i am also a book worm but not good at studies so dont bother a lot!!!

Anyways moving on to today. It has been a month since i had words with a near and dear one plus i had been studying a lot lately so you can imagine the miseries and sorrows of my dear little life... my mom and I never get along so we hardly talk to each other. I believe we have nothing in common apart from Guns N Roses and Poets of the Fall. I wonder how does my mom have that great taste in music. Just to get to know my mom a little better, we thought we'd hang out today as buds. we believed that it's gonna be a great day after 9 days of fasting and studying. We were looking forward to today. So I woke up with a smile on my face.

I didn't see my mother around me. I tried looking around. My mom tole to to get ready asap. "We're gonna leave Az(My dear old nickname)." What?Why?When?How? All these questions didn't matter. I had to take my cousin for a round as well so I thought my mom would wait but she didn't. She went on without me. I cried and cried and cried when I realised that she's gone. I did hurt me a bit. OK actually, a lot!

How could I stop? When my only way to help my mom was gone? And yes it did cut my like a knife. i felt like a lawn mower ran over my head. That's when I was told, my mom's uncle had passed away the night we were discussing all the hotspots in this place. I haven't had a word with my mom since morning because I'm afraid to cry up in front of her. I got nothing to spare as I cry all by myself. I tried cheering up myself from poetry, books, music, videogames but nothing seems to help.

They say sharing feelings help losing the burden. I hope it helps me.

The author's comments:
How would you feel when the only hope to establish good relations with your mom is gone?

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