Child Abuse

October 7, 2008
By Shelby Tyrer, Wellsville, KS

This one is about child abuse and how I think we need to do more about it. Too often children's lives are caught in the hands of fate and something could be done about it..... It's kind of intense but it's to get the point across. This is a reason I love to write. It CAN make a difference and I hope this does make you feel emotion.

Only 5 years old but she has seen more of this world then most will ever seen in their lifetime. In the middle of the night his tone and his words he speaks to her only pierces her ears. She keeps the pain concealed inside. She has to hide it because she knows that to him it means only weakness. Her smile is fake to fool those around her who truly care. Some knew the truth though but backed away.Wanting no part. But who really wants to ever be a part of this type of thing anyway? They didn't want to get involved, to make a problem of it. But isn't what this girl going through a problem? All they had to do was make a call. Something so facile could end it all. They all just figured it'd never get "that bad". On this night though, something in the air wasn't the same. As her parents fought, a father fresh of whiskey and a mother who was tired and easy to enervate. Never could her mother fight back. He was so much stronger. She did try every time to stop him from treating her daughter like he did but many times she wouldn't hold him off long enough. On that day he had enough. The screams and raucous noises weren't the same as heard before. Finally, the father came into his daughters room. He was painted in red. With no hope and fear in her eyes she knew that tonight there was no turning back and no second chance.

Today, there are just two more stones in the cemetery as you drive by. The neighbors and friends won't have to ignore it anymore or turn off the lights at night as if they have no clue. Pretending not to hear those cries. Not anymore do they have to worry and hope that the girl gets out of that place. She's gone. Though there could be two less stones in that cemetery right now. But NO ONE wanted to get involved. To lend a hand. They were afraid of what could happen if they did. Well, now they know what would happen if they didn't.

Just remember that things like this can be avoided. If you know something or just suspect it, tell someone. Someone who can do something about it. Child abuse is usually known about by someone but no one every speaks up. Please if you know or suspect a thing call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). Remember even if its just a suspicion you can file a report. The information will be anonymous.

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cryin said...
on Mar. 20 2009 at 12:53 pm
wow is that a true story?


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