Before I Knew It

September 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Did I do something wrong?
Is it because of how I look?
How I dress?
That I don’t wear makeup?
What I say, or do?
Did I do something wrong?

Walking down the twisted, dirty pathway,
Ready to get away from everyone-
To flee was like winning the 21,000 dollar ticket to my favorite artist’s sold out concert- one time only.

We all file out in a rush
But then they stop.
What are they doing?
I just kept on strolling forward; whatever
Closer, I got…
-Before I Knew It-
Bam! Hahaha!
Another Bam! Ouch! What the hell!?
Hahahaha again…
They were all snickering, some laughing- at me!?
Yes, at me.
“You deserve it!! You, stupid!”
Their ridiculing echoing as they skipped away.

Drip, Trickle, Drip, Trickle.

The author's comments:
this is based on my 5th grade experience when all my classmates (expect for two) "rebeled" against me. they threw game balls at me, hitting me in all directions and yelled horrible comments at me. 5th grade was a hard year for me.

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