Robbie's Song

September 28, 2008
By Anonymous

He was my first kiss. An for a fourteen year old girl it was one of my best moments. For two weeks we were together, but then he had this dream. About another girl and keeped talking about his ex who he called his sister. I broke up with him because I didn't want to cry anymore. I sat in the parking lot waiting for my mum, as a thought ran throught my head. I called my little brother, and told him what happen. an as a joke i asked if the would sing me a song. " um, um, um mary had a little lamb, little lab, little lamb, mary had a little lab and his name was Joey". I burst out laughing as my mum yelled in the background " it was fec is white as snow". what nurse ryme were you listing to came the reply. I laughed and after they picked me up he gave me a hug. THe next day was great I made the inprove team i got an A on a test. Then i asked the girl that sitts behind me how she was going to homecoming with. My exs name spilled out of her lips. I was crushed, now as my aunt says you let him go, but we decide to go to homecoming together as friends. I cried as the girl hugged me. I got home after many hugs from my mum. i called the one boy i need to here. My brothers was playing rock band at his friends house. he sang the song they were playing with then i asked for my Joey song. I heard my 12 year old ask his friends to stop the game then he sang for me. That night at dinner he sang he another song " down by the bay were the chickamonkeys grow, back to my home i dar not go for if i do my mother will say he buba were you been". I laughed, love my little brother and as he sang in front of this friend he said he loved me to. he acts all cool like nothing matters and his grade might be low. but he loves animals, punched a guy who was about to punch a girl, and sang a song to make me laugh. and evey time i see my ex all i think is his name was joey and it makes me smile.

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