September 25, 2008
By , Hermiston, OR
Did I do something for you to hate me? I never laid a hand on you. I never said you were ugly. But you say everyday that I did. I think you’re beautiful. Look at yourself. You have beautiful hair, beautiful eye’s. You are the way God made you. I just wish you could believe it. I wish you could see what I see, but you don’t see yourself beautiful.

You look at yourself and see only the outside, but even though I’m only supposed to see the outside, I also see the inside of you. I see that you love everyone, that you see what other teens don’t see in themselves. What about you? It’s time that you see the inside of you. I see that you are insecure with yourself. You are more insecure around me. I heard you were abused, is that why you don’t like to look at me? I don’t mean to stock you, but I’m everywhere. I can’t help it. I was placed here by a human. I was placed in every restroom, make- up container, sometimes in the bedroom. I’m in every window, computer screen, and puddle.

I know that showers are the worst for you. You don’t undress in front of me. I know that you can’t stand looking at me, so most of the time I see your back. To you seeing your back is better than seeing your front. You go anywhere else to change, where I can’t see you. I try not to look, but I was made to see everything. If I had eye lids I would close my eyes, but I wasn’t made to be ashamed of. You think of me as a person looking at you. It’s true you look at me, and I look back at you, and you see yourself in me. My intention wasn’t to make you ashamed of yourself.

I know that you have poor self-esteem. You don’t like your body image. Too many curves, not enough curves, this to small, this to big, pants not the right size. “I’m too big, I’m fat, I’m ugly” you tell yourself when you look at me. All I am is your reflection in the mirror, in the window, in the bathroom.

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