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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The Wallflowers. I love Jakob Dylan, he's the son of Bob Dylan, and he's got some of the best musical genes on the planet. I saw the band in concert on December 2, 1996 at the second annual Jingle Bell Jam hosted by Radio 104 WMRQ. Boy, was I excited when I bought those tickets, the 18th row!! I thought I was so close. When I thought I couldn't get much closer, some brave souls crowded up in the front, right against the stage. So I thought, Why not? and I moshed (unwillingly, but patiently) through three bands' performances. I didn't give up my spot center-stage, front row for anything.

Finally The Wallflowers came on. I frantically waved hand signals to my friend so she came up and we waited patiently through the sound check as I clung to my rose. We waited for what seemed to be eons. Then they shuffled onto the stage and Jakob nonchalantly put his guitar strap on.

The front and second rows were packed with girls trying to get a glimpse of Jakob. When Mike Ward kicked into a jamming version of "One Headlight," I'll never forget it. I sang along with the band word for word on every song. But just before "God Don't Make Lonely Girls," Jakob and the crowd were interacting. Some girl gave him a ring and a sign that asked if they could go backstage. I hesitated no longer and threw the rose to him, hoping it wouldn't hit him. He hesitantly picked it up and put it on the floor near him. Then he looked up and asked if it was thrown at him or for him. I yelled back, "For you!" He finally looked at me!!

When the show was over, I was more than a little jealous when he pulled two girls onto the stage and walked off with them!! My only hope was that I wouldn't miss the autograph signing and I could meet Jakob. My friend and I went to the lobby and stood in line for an hour as I contemplated what I would say. I decided I would wish him luck for the future!!

Well anyway, Jakob, Mike, and Rami finally showed up to sign autographs. I made my way to the front and handed Mike the Radio 104 poster to sign. He signed his name and drew a W with a circle around it. Then I passed it to Jakob and as he signed it, I blurted out, "Hey, I just wanna wish you guys good luck, 'cause I really want you to make it big time." He came back with, "Well, we're tryin', we're gonna' keep on tryin' ... but from what I've heard, we are big!" I was sorry I had said that - I really think I insulted them. I never meant it to sound like they're unknown or something. Boy, what a time to put my foot in my mouth!! But to save myself I came back with, "You are big!" Then Mike and Jakob said thank you and I moved over to Rami Jarfee.

Then my friend had nerve! She asked Jakob if she could kiss him! And he let her!! Then she kissed Rami and I guess he wasn't expecting that because after she kissed him he said, "OOohhhh!" She's so lucky and, well, I'm such a dork. That's why I wrote this story. And I'm depressed about not having a camera - about what I said - and about how everything went by so quickly and I was two feet in front of Jakob but I didn't even really look at him. I forgot to look into his eyes. And I didn't say something flattering - something that he could remember. And that's my story, the story of the best and worst night of my life! c

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i love this so much!

on Mar. 30 2010 at 5:39 pm
Snikerdoodle PLATINUM, Leander, Texas
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Haha, I'm sorry to laugh, but you sound like an incredibly sweet girl. The way you acted was adorable and like what you'd find in a story book. I always tell my friends that celebrities have it easy, cause they never have to work to get someones attention. For you, its a constant struggle to win over the person you like. But it makes it more memorable!! Your piece was funny and well written. And I really wouldn't worry that much about Jakob Dylan, if I were you. =D


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