personal narritive

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

“Why” I said”, “Why do we have to go outside?” My cousin and me had to go out side because we stayed inside to much. When we got thrown
We started to walk and we were trying to thinking of something to do but we couldn’t. So we went to the old parking lot but while we were sitting Jake and his crew came up to us Jake was a big bully. He said “Well, well, well look at what we got here little Mikey and his cousin Chris.” Well ya I was only 8 so I might have been small I had sort hair well enough about me back to the story. He looked liked he was going to kill us but he said “Do you want to play a game?” I said “What game?” “Extreme ice balloon war” he said.

“What is that?” I said you’ll see if you play. “Fine” I said. We had one week to train we tossed balloons at the targets. My cousin Chris said “Man can we take a break?” I said “Not now we have to beat Jake.” So as we were training we herd something in the bushes it was Jakes crew they ambush us they started throwing ice balloons at us that felt like bricks. As they were walking away laughing I thought while we were laying helpless on the ground I was thinking what did I get myself into?

It was the day there was 13 buckets around us I said “Ok how do we play?” He said “it is like paintball get hit once your out and you have to have 8 on each team.” Ok 3 2 1 PLAY! Every one ran to a bucket balloons were flying every where. Already 3 of my teammates were out I have to tell you I was scared but then I threw a balloon and I hit one of Jakes people. Then there were only 3 on each team I could not find Jake then I looked at my friend there was Jake at the top of the building, and he drop the balloon and shattered on his head he got k-o. Then my cousin got hit and he was bleeding from his head. Then I looked around and all Jakes crew came around me then Jake said “Well I think it is game over for you.”

I was so petrified I fell to my knees drop my balloon he said “Ready aim fire” they all threw there balloons at me it felt like pounds and pounds of bricks. As I was laying in my own blood my team came and helped me up to my feet Jakes crew was laughing and he said “Ha you shouldn’t take on someone you can’t beat. So I took his advice and now I fight something I can win. Well that’s my story thanks for reading my story I hoped you liked it so see you next time watch out for my next story when it is about me in a hockey game.

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