Vocab #8

January 13, 2009
Mrs. J’s third and fourth hour advanced comp class includes a flamboyant array of personalities. This diversity feeds the class conversations which in turn spits out all kinds of bizarre ideas. We are like a well oiled machine designed to expunge Earth’s problem.
The class is separated into various schisms, the first being the jaunty clan. They are smartly trim and they always have a smile on their face. Lindsey, for example, is a part of this clan. She comes late to class every day, but always appears to be happy as a monkey in a banana orchard.
Then there’s the timorous collection. They don’t say much unless they are called on. It’s not to say they are disliked. Shawnee is an excellent example. She doesn’t say much, but when we interviewed her she had interesting things to talk about.
Next we have the ostentatious people. They are beautiful. Like Hollo. He is the tannest man I know. He makes normal people want to break their mirrors. But that doesn’t happen, because no one wants seven years of bad luck on their record.
Finally we have the shunned anathema. This is our smallest faction. I myself am a regular to this particular stereotype. But we aren’t that bad. We just get a bad reputation because of certain instances. Examples aren’t needed for fear that they may bring up bad memories that result in a truncation of my grade.
Over all are class is an interesting one. Like a double helix it’s complicated and fractious, but it’s hard to break the bonds we’ve created. Our class is no utopia, but it wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the variety.

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