Burning at Both Ends

January 13, 2009
By Gabby Levac, Hartland, WI

There has been a resent drop is the grades of student athletes throughout High School. Some onlookers succumb to the “jock” stereotype, while others believe it is a harbinger of stress. The administration must thwart this malignant epidemic from spreading throughout the grade levels. A few simple tasks are all that is needed to overcome this setback.
Lighten the load—students are taking to heavy of class loads and don’t have enough time for homework.
Student’s minds are made ubiquitous, trying to focus on to many things. Help them concentrate on one subject or activity at a time.
If a student looks fretful, inform teachers to give them delays on homework assignments.
Give students studying tips such as:
finding a remote place to study, away from distractions
taking a respite between long hours of studying
eat healthy food to fuel both the mind and body
Work in groups-- if having problems, call a friend
Take excruciating care to learn throughout the semester, not just cramming for exams
We as students are trying our best to keep up with our workloads; however, in some cases is it not possible. I have no power to help the hundreds of athletes from falling behind in their academic studies, so I again reverberate to you the importance of this issue. You must take action. The students are in need and this problem will only continue until you stop it. Please help the athletes that make our High School so well known.

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