Summer Camp MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The barren room

except your bed

neatly made,

Annie resting atop the jungle print comforter.

Drop my bags, wait anxiously

to meet you.

Musty aromas of metal bunks clash with summer flowers

from outside the screenless window.

Parents calming persistent worries.

Golden hair and twinkling eyes enter

the doorway with a nervous step.

Parents chatter.

I stare wondering

what are you like

will it be okay

do you hate me?

Parents gone.

Awkward silence and chirping birds

fill the enclosing cement walls.

How did it happen

one word that lasted so long.

Gibbering voices all day

music and laughter filling the spaces.

Inseparable they say.

Every minute together

eating, sleeping, activities

Best of friends

in 10 minutes?

Destined for lasting relations

we send letters and packages.

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i love this so much!


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