Human Or Robot? MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The human stares at the flashing screen, its face blank and brain long dead, but its fingers still function. They continue to type in meaningless figures to be processed by the thoughtful computer. In seconds its answer reflects off the ignorant face of the human.

This fictional account brings up a question concerning the future of our society. What will be the ultimate result of our "advanced" era? A new breed of independent, thinking individuals or a breed of ignorant robots, bound for self-destruction?

To answer this question, one must look at both sides. It is true that much of our technological progress has been beneficial, including medical cures and discoveries. However, there are equally as many technological advances (if not more) that have and will prove hazardous to our human race. In today's world, man's spirituality cannot keep pace with the technological progress, and the grave danger is that of a soulless society. Furthermore, increasing numbers of people grow dependent on technology as a source of knowledge, rather than using it as a tool in building their own knowledge. Such ignorance will inevitably lead to an annihilation of free-thinking man. After all, the key to individualism is thought. The great philosopher Ren" Descartes once wrote, "I think, therefore I am." If humans stop thinking, they cease to exist. They become programmed robots, who through technology, have brought about their own destruction.

As we approach the dawn of the twenty-first century, we must stop to ask ourselves a vital question: are we entering a new and glorious Age of CyberReason, or falling into a bottomless abyss, a Dark Age from which there can be no renaissance? u

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