Child Of A Child MAG

By Anonymous

   They were young and naive, curious about everything in life. He had everything going for him. Good grades in school, sports that made him a star, and a good family to come home to. She was a genius, but didn't use her brains. Life for her was good, but with him she soared. She was a beautiful girl with her head on straight, and she only wanted the best for herself. To her, he was the best. He was handsome, smart, and most of all he treated her like gold. They thought they were soul-mates, so they gave themselves to each other. They loved each other with all their hearts and the idea of her getting pregnant barely ever crossed their mind. They always thought they played it safe, even without protection.

But now they are scared because the fear that has been hidden deep in their mind might just be coming true. They're only kids. She wishes that the temptation hadn't been so great, and that it didn't happen to someone as wonderful and caring as him. He told her not to think about it because they had been careful and she most likely wasn't. But she saw that he was just as scared as she was by the look in his eyes. She keeps asking herself what she did to deserve this and will he stick around if she is? She thinks to herself that she would rather die than ruin her life. But what makes it so hard to accept is the fact that she knows it was her fault. There is only one way for them to find out for sure - with a test. What will they do if it is positive? Only they will know if that time comes.

Footnote: No person is worth the risk of getting pregnant. When it comes to sex, love doesn't matter, except the love you have for yourself. Abstinence is the best bet no matter how tempting it may be. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. Don't rob yourself of a childhood. Take it from a fifteen-year-old who knows. c

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i love this so much!


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