The Dance MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Everyone knows little sisters are annoying. I like being annoying. Aggravating my brother and his friends makes me feel important in a way. Ever since I can remember I made my brother mad. What can I say? I was a tagalong. I must warn you that you might think of this as a cute little story about how one day my brother and I realized our differences and our similarities (or at least I did), or a lovely story how my older sibling finally accepted me. So, think what you want, but my purpose of writing this is to give a glimmer of hope to feuding siblings - and tell my brother how special he is to me.

So, let me continue: it was the night of the Spring Fling. It was neither my class's dance nor my brother's, but we both had dates and both happily went. I'm not sure what song it was, or if it was the beginning or the end of the dance, but it happened. Through the crowd my brother found me and we danced. Probably no one saw. He probably doesn't remember but it happened. My brother and I actually put aside our bickering and "bonded."

This is not to say my brother doesn't act like he hates me anymore, or I don't occasionally attempt to beat him up, or continue our constant mocking of each other, or that I'm not a tagalong anymore. 'cause I am; but now I look at him differently. He's my brother and I realize it. No matter what happens now, good or bad, we're stuck with each other. He's going off to college and I'm left behind. If I could, I'd follow him to college, but it's different now. I can actually admit I'll miss him and I'm sure he'll miss me, but if he doesn't ... well, I can always try to beat him up on the car ride home. c

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i love this so much!


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