Ode To My Mother MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Ode To My Mother

When her world fell apart
she was there alone
Left standing
to fight for herself
and to fight for her children
Tears of agony and despair
she covered and hid away
Never once did she let it fall apart
Never once did she break and tumble
She was the sun pushing away the fog
She was the last leaf on an autumn tree
clinging to the branch despite the tormenting wind
She possesses the qualities the angels strive for
and has the courage and determination
that the greatest warriors envy
She is as simple as can be
yet her values and integrity
create a sense of awe
She survived the long, cold winter
Where others would have fallen
her unique strength brought her higher
Looking at her now
her past may not be known
She just laughs and keeps moving on
but there is something about her
that hints she has been there
And of course she hid it to protect my childhood
But I now know all that happened
and I am proud she is a mother to me

by Lauren S., Stow, MA

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i love this so much!


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